• Roddarch 10ft 'Surf Ace' Telescopic Beach & Pier Rod

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    Top quality 10ft 'Surf Ace' Telescopic beach & pier rod. Rod closed size: 83cm (32.5"). Extends to 3 metres (10ft). Ceramic lined stainless steel eyes. High visibility sensitive tip section for better bite detection.
    Brand New 'Surf Ace' 10' Telescopic Beach and Pier Rod

    Rod Specification:

    • 10ft Telescopic beach & pier rod
    • Ceramic lined stainless steel eyes
    • Closed cell neoprene handle. 26" Long for better casting
    • Quick screw adjustable reel mount
    • Closed length of only 83cm
    • 2oz-6oz Casting weight (80g-150g)
    • High visibility sensitive tip section for better bite detection
    • Fibreglass construction
    • Weighs only 275g
    • Removable protective butt cap for tackle storage.

    This lightweight, telescopic rod makes this the ideal travel sea fishing rod for beach and pier fishing.
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