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SNOWBEE Spectre RMX 10ft Fly Rod 4 Piece - Line Weight #7

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The principle behind the Microwave guide system is really very simple. When a fly line shoots, it is leaving the rod tip at approximately 50-60 mph. In an ideal world there would be nothing to restrict this movement, allowing maximum line speed and distance. In reality, the friction through the rings, coupled with the 'line-slap' as coils snake up off the ground or a stripping basket, reduce this line speed considerably, as using conventional stripper guides, the line coils are merely decreased, as they travel up through the rings. What the Microwave stripper guide does, is immediately 'tame' these coils, allowing the fly line to travel the rest of the way up through the guide train, in an almost straight line, hence reducing point contact with the rings, and therefore friction, to allow increased line speed. When testing it became immediately apparent was just how much straighter the final presentation was, allowing not only increased distance, but also better line control and accuracy.

Snowbee RMX Fly Rods - The ever popular rod of choice for larger rivers, stillwaters and reservoirs. This model has massive reserves of power allowing those few extra yards to reach the fish previously out of site. The hugely successful Spectre Fly Rod range launched in 2017, has been upgraded. The New Spectre RMX Fly Rods incorporate the very latest American Tackle Microwave Stripper Guides for the ultimate line control performance.

Snowbee RMX Fly Rod Benefits

• Total line control
• Increased rod performance
• Increased casting distance
• Increased casting accuracy


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Brand Snowbee
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